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We will forward your mail - FREE incoming faxes
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MAIL BAG PLUS offers free call-in mail check-- saves time, gas, and aggravation.
Free email service, we will send you an email when you have mail that is not what we call “JUNK” mail. and we offer the complete office alternative without the expense.
Many small business people require the image of a street address for a variety of reasons; A prestigious street address to give the illusion of having an office in a high-rent business district, for business cards and letterhead, website and for correspondence, advertising, etc.
The street address allows private carriers such as U.P.S., FedEx, DHL, etc. to deliver to your mailbox. The post office will not accept deliveries from private carriers .
Security consultants recommend that small business owners and managers receive their mail off-premises to prevent theft and embezzlement.
It is advantageous to both small businesses and individuals to receive their mail at our convenient earlier delivery time.
Small business people and individuals alike can pick up their mail and take advantage of all the other shipping/business/ mailing related services we offer without the aggravation they would typically experience at the U.S. Post Office.
MAIL BAG PLUS also provides a one-stop shop for office supplies, copies, fax, moving supplies.
Apartment dwellers typically move once every 6 to 18 months. It is important to them to continue to receive their mail at a constant address without interruption.
Many people experience security problems at their home  due to Porch Pirates. MAIL BAG PLUS resolves this issue, by holding their mail and packages inside for safety.
Travelers need to keep up with their mail. Our mail-forwarding service is ideal for those who either move around the country (or world, for that matter) and need to get their mail in a timely fashion. We can also hold their mail without worry of loss.

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